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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  May 23, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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captions provided by: real-time closed captioningg3 c1 company. by u.s. captioning >>reporter: a young boy survived a boat explooion. what caused the blast? looking at scattered showers. looks like we'll see clearing by mid-week. details coming up at 10:00. we've got idol finale fever. we're live in hollywood % with hoo lee and crystal are getting ready near a big week % ahead. >> (singing). >live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this
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is fox 45 news at 10:000 good evening. i'm jennifer gilbert. a six-week-old baby is found dead inside an apartment in anne aaundel county and homicide deteccives are now >> i could not believe what i was seeing. >>reporter: it happenee around 9:15 saturday morning whhn his neighbor came screaming downstairs and started banging on his door. >> i said, "what's going on? " she said, "someone killed my baby. someone killed my baby." eporter: green immediately dialed 911 and was instructed
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to perform cpr on the baby boy, who was lying on the sofa. >> i told the emeegency people, "cpr is noo going to do this baby any good. this baby is cold." when he asked the mother who did it, she said it was her husbbnd, a story that would often change. >> she said she had a couple of drinks and she said she had four drinks. >>reporter: police identified the infant. he was just six weeks old. >> that baby was just so small, po innocent. >>reporter: his death is now >>reporter: green says he doesn't know the mothhr or her husband, but the woman has an eight-year old son. >> she left her little kid upstairs with the baby. i
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thought that was just -- >>reporter: green sayy like police, he just wants answers. >> i could nnt believe a person so young and innocent could be taken. >> an autopsy was performed today toodetermine exactly how the baby died. so far no charges have been filed. at least two people and a dog on a sidewalk in northwest baltimore are hit by an suv. several ambulances were on the scene around 6:00 tonight. the driver of the suv somehow jumped the curb. two people were taken to the hospital. the dog was also taken away to be treated. bricks go flying as a minivvn crashes in to a business. this happened around 4:00 this afternoon in a shopping center. a witnessess the woman behind the wheel was driving tooofast. >> she was screaming. shee drove right in o the building.1 >> the woman was taken to the hospital. she is expected to
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survive. a bar owner is shot nine times and dies. police are still looking for the gunman. the 40--ear old lee martin was found early saturday on railway avenue. police say two men were seen running away. nothing was taken so investigators don't think it was a robbery. the close-knit community is in shhck over martin's death. >> i'm standing enjoy (unintelligible). >> he gave everybody respect. >> police are asking anyone with information to call metro crime stoppers at this number. it's back to court for the developer who wants to put a casino at the mall. how legal delays could cost the state money. mel and? >>reporter: the company has a parlor in maryland at the mall. the developer is trying to block a voter referendum
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initiated by opponents. they're not keen on an idea off a casino at the mall. some worry about traffic. >> i think it wouud cause too much congestion. >> a lot of stuff that goes on % at night, as far as the mall. i don't think that would be better for this area. >>reporter: if the company gets its wish, the mall would soon >>reporter: a referendum is set for november. it's a result of a petition drive for opponents that collected more than 20,000
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signatures to put it on the ballot. now, however, the company is going to court to petition drive was invalid. some voters want their say. >> i think it hould go back out for a public vote again. >>reporter: the entire process could linger long past the construction date for a casino. >> we cannkeep going. fortunately, the legal process ccn really take things out indefinitely. >>reporter: while delays cculd cost maryland millionn, getting the location right is key if the casino is to be successful. the debate over arizona's immigration law is hitting home here in maryland tonight. both
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sides of the issue lining up on whether there should be a similar law here. tomorrow baltimore stay councilman will introduce a resolution opposing such an anti-immigration law in maryland. hh says he plans to interview legislation next year that woold mirror the arizona south. now temperature wise,
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we're sitting in the lower 70s. 70 in bbltimorr. over the border in harrisburg, 67 degrees. midd700 for tomorrow. we're going to see a nice warmup headed our way for the middle of the week. it's going to look pretty fabulous. the next-day planner showing patchy fog in the morning hours. be prepared for that across the a dog on the edge of verr dangerous waters. how crews were able to ring him to safety next. >> (singing). >> it's down to lee and crystal. up next, a live report from hollywood on how the idol cootest apts are
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getting ready for a big and busy week ahead. graduation day. how many yearssit took this woman
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is the biggest week on season nine of "american idol."
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>> (singgng). >>reporter: she's the single mom who sang in the subway to make a dime.
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>> i would not rather be here with anybody else. >> (singing). >>reporter: they do realize this is their time to shine as a solo artist. this is the "american idol" final and he there is no holding back. >> we're in the bottom two. right?
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>> it's alwwys rough being in the bottom two. >> now i can realll go out is no more chances. . there >> (singing). unpredictable. i mean, crystal has been a front runner throughout the entire season, but then lee hhs made a pretty revealed he's in it to win it. back to you. >> it's going to be fun to watch. i understand you're getting to go where most people can't go out there? >>reporter: i know. it's very exciting. we do have exclusive access to a lot goiig on during finale week. i'm pretty ii which media center. if you take a look around me here, you can see the barricades and obviously, i mean, there's only a few spots here. it's just
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going to be a few other us. this is really where a lot of people want to be. there will be thousands around here. we are going to be in the center of it all. my pass is pour pass. we're going to go on this journeyytogether. >> that's right. you're going to take us righh there with you. we're looking forward to it. live in hollywood. thank you, candice. candice will be live from hollywood covering every angle of the idol finale week. she'll be reporting live on fox 45 news through thursday morning. watch the "american idol" finale this tuesday and wednesday at 8:00 on fox 45. oil from that massive leak in the gulf of mexico has pushed at least 12 miles in to the heart of louisiana's marshes. boat captains say oil from the gulf is staining their vessels and the gooey brown ooze is seep nothing to marshes, washing in to beaches
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a five-year old boy survives a fiery boat explosion in florida. first, take a look at this picture of the raging flames coming frommthat boat.. little thomas was on that boat. he was sitting on top of the engine house when the engine exploded and he was thrown face first right in to tte flames. you can see the burns on his face, but amazingly, other than that, he is just fine. >> i kept holding his face, but everything he touched, it hurt him. he looked at me and said mom, please, i don't want to die. that's the worst thing inn
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>> yes. i like boats nd i like going on boat rides. >> unbelievable. thomas' younger sister and another adult were on bbard. they were nnt hurt in alllof this. a puppy dangerously close to raging waters rescued in california. you can see family1 members yelling out to their rescuurs climbed down the steep hill and were able to reach the dog. it's not peeper, it's pepper. pepper and his family had a very happy reunion. we could call hhm "lucky" too. everybody is happy in california now. a long journey to graduation. how many years, coming up. how many years it took this woman to get her degree and the big challenge she plans to take on nex áñ
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it wasn't the best of sundays, but we'll take it. >> i kind of liked it. like a little bit of the clouds. a little humid, but the sun poked through a few times. a few drops of rain. it kind of felt like florida wwather a little. not ttat hot, but you know how it is. i like all kinds of weather. anyway, looks like we
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in the neighborhood. around the central portion of the state, annapolis, downtown baltimore, right at 75 degrees. 20 percent chance for a pop-up shower. the western portion of the state mmch of the same with temperatures in the lower 70s. chance for rain showers still in the forecast. east % northeast wind at 5 to 10. postly-cloudy skies. kind of a repeat of what we saw today. east northeast wind at 5 to 10. your seven-day forecast showing much waamer conditions. more sunshine on wednesday. 86. 81 by thursday. friday looking at 84. notice all that sunshine leading us in to the holiday weekend. sunday 79 degrees. looks like a beautiful weekend warming up. sfoks 45 skywatch weatherris at our fingertips.
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use fox 45's powerful radar and tracking storms. go to fox and click on iradar. 31 the weather wasn't perfect today, but it was good enough to run in a half marathon. the second annual half marathon was today. it started and ended at the maryland state fairgrounds. runners raised money for the university f maryland cancer center. a number of cancer survivors themselves ran in today's race. on the runway in their pj's. who will benefit from this comfy and adooable fashion ssow? the brave story behind it. graduation day. the long journey this woman took to get her degree and how many years it has taken to walk acl@nç
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lots of finish for kids today as they walked down the runway in their pajamas. the third-annual fashion show was held in towson. the show benefits the casey cares foundation. they rrvide critically-sick kids withhnew pj's to wear at the hospital. it was created in memory of cammeron lambert of pasadena, who bravely battled leukemia. to fiid out bout all the
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ways the foundation helps kids, go to (singing). % >> past and present music teachers from baatimore county public schools and other musicians put on a benefit concert today.. the 45-piece concert band and 30-member chorus helped to raise money for kids helping hopkins program. it provides education for the patients at johns hopkins children's center. >> this kind of event gives the teachees the opportunity to continue to be performers as well, which they don't aufb have the chance to do when in the classroom. it it allows us to funnel that energy in to raise know money. >> it's the 8th year for the benefit concert.
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